Tips to reduce pain when driving

getting out car happy

1. Take frequent breaks

When we already have pain driving, the interval of the breaks is dictated by how long it takes for the pain to start once driving.

If the pain comes on or starts after 30 mins, then stop every 20 minutes, get out of the car and walk about (or on the spot) for a minimum of two minutes.

2. “Motion is Lotion”*

When we get out of a car and are stiff, the instinct is to stretch. This is not the best way to loosen up and may even give us more pain.

Moving in a rhythmic repetitive manner will safely loosen off the stiffness and get our blood moving again. Walking on the spot, doing squats or doing simple ‘warm up’ exercises will work well, anything that gets you heart pumping a bit faster.

*”Motion is Lotion” was a phrase coined by the pain researcher David Butler, co-author of the book ‘Explain Pain’, a recommended easy read for people in pain.

3. Lumbar Support

Our car seat needs to hold us in a good neutral position, no slumping please 😊

Take our ‘Slump Test’ to see if your car seat is forcing you to slump.

4. Vehicle seat adjustments

The most common mistake that we make when we have back pain is to make the back of the seat more vertical. This will generally make the pain worse.

Check that your seat is set up correctly. Watch our video on how to adjust your car seat for best driving posture