Morfit® Original
Morfit® reduces pain.
Medically endorsed, ergonomic and comfortable.
The world’s most intelligent lumbar support for drivers.
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Precisely supports your spine, reducing back pain.
Driving pain stops when your spinal curve is both accurately and firmly supported.
Morfit® holds its shape under pressure.
Leaning back creates approx 10kg of pressure on the back support*.
Ergonomic fit, every time, for everyone.
Morfit® moulds to fit your shape, capturing every curve of your spine. Unlike memory foam, it remembers your shape.
Morfit remembers your unique shape.
Morfit® is slim enough to fit neatly into the small of your back.
You still get support of your pelvis and upper back with a perfectly fitting Morfit®.
Morfit® keeps you in the back of the seat.
Introducing Interlock Foam™.
The secret to Interlock Foam™, is that it can change from SOFT to FIRM and back again.
Which Morfit® is right for you?
Morfit® Electric

Onyx black


Electric - fully automatic

Program controlled

Single button press

Rechargeable - Li-ion battery


Indoor use only

Morfit® Original

Four available


Hand operated

Totally manual

Two hands required

No battery required



Medically endorsed.
Loved by health professionals.
Morfit® is a registered medical device. It really works, that’s why more health professionals recommend Morfit® to their patients.
"over 90% of my patients who try the product buy one"

As well as personally using the Morfit back rest in my car, I have been recommending it to appropriate patients to try in their car for over one year now.

Over 90% of my patients who try the product go on to purchase one. They like the individuality it offers and its adaptability. The feedback I receive is overwhelmingly positive.

Lawrence Cartmell
"…the answer to my prayer…"

I am a retired Osteopath who now suffers from a degree of back pain! Over the years I have tried dozens of supports on myself and patients, but none really delivered the goods for one simple reason, they were basically one size and one shape which did not fit all.

By luck I came across Morfit and here I realised it was the answer to my prayer.

I have now used Morfit for about 6 months in at least 4 different cars.

Basically you mould it to both your back and the car seat you are using, it can then be remoulded ad infinitum to hold you in that ergonomically and posturally correct position. Personally, I didn't find I needed a running in period to get used to it. Great, I wouldn’t be without it.

David Lindy
Retired Osteopath
"…driver and passenger seats and I get a pain free journey."
This back support really made a difference for me in our Ute, we use the Ute on long journeys as it can tow our camper trailer but the seats are terrible and I always dreaded going in it but we now have these supports on the driver and passenger seats and I get a pain free journey. Definitely worth a try if you get back pain in the car.
Dr Celia Palmer
Palliative care specialist
"…money well spent…"

Morfit is good. Whereas before I was using a thick cushion and thus getting my posture into more of that "sway" position, this device is comfortable and much more appropriate for posture. It has been very helpful for me.

It’s not instant pain relief, but it gives me a more comfortable long-term outlook.

So, thanks, money well spent from my point of view.

Dr David Wilson

My work requires 2.5 hours of driving per day. I drive a Dodge Nitro designed for large people. Although very comfortable to drive, I was experiencing back pain on exiting the vehicle. Morfit has been very helpful with this problem. It has also helped with lateral stability over windy roads like the Rimutakas. An added bonus of Morfit is that I can drive long distances without getting tired.

My wife's experience with Morfit has also been very positive. We are definitely a "2 Morfit Family"!

The concept is brilliant, and the directions are clear and simple.

Dr John Adams
Consultant dermatologist
"… Morfit support is certainly superior…"
I must say that it is a most comfortable device. I have reoccurring low back pain and at times have used lumbar rolls on my travels, but the Morfit support is certainly superior to these. Recently I travelled by car from Christchurch to Golden Bay, a journey of six and a half hours without any subsequent back stiffness or pain. I will certainly keep using it and have no hesitation of recommending it to my patients.
Dr John Hellemans
Sports medicine practitioner
"…it has worked wonders on my lower back pain…"
I have now had the pleasure of using Morfit for a couple of weeks and it has worked wonders on my lower back pain. I have started to recommend it to my patients with lower back pains, especially the ones who regularly need to drive their cars. I find that the moulded fit of Morfit helps to gently manipulate the back and at the end of a journey, supported by Morfit back support on my car seat, my back is more comfortable after a drive than before, which is the opposite of my previous experience of long drives.
Dr Mark Spring
"…particularly like the way the design supports and forms to your actual back shape. "

I have found Morfit to be really helpful and I have no hesitation suggesting it to patients, I particularly like the way the design supports and forms to your actual back shape.

On a personal note, after the initial few weeks of relief, I noticed the support wasn't as helpful, then, re-reading the instructions I realized I had fallen out of the habit of re-adjusting the support when I first hop into the car, seems clear in hindsight but something to watch as a user, it does only take a moment [to re-set].

I wish you the very best, I don't normally do endorsements, but I really like your product.

Eugene Middleton
The world’s most intelligent lumbar support for drivers.
Built to last.
Morfit® has been designed with care. The cover is durable and washable. All components are replaceable.
Product specs.
  • Morfit® Original: model No. 005.
  • Colour: Onyx Black, Amethyst Blue, Garnet Red, Zircon Yellow.
  • Dimensions: 593 x 300 mm.
  • Net weight: 420gms.
  • Straps: Vertical and horizontal. Elastic and adjustable.
  • Interlock Foam™ dual pump: Manual – no batteries required.
  • Active material: Morfit®'s Interlock Foam™.
  • Cover: 3D mesh. Removable. Machine/hand washable.
  • Packaged dimensions: 593 x 295 x 48 mm.
  • Packaged weight: 950gms.
Our customers say.
star star star star star
Best present you can give your back!
Well I couldnt be more pleased with this product! Well packaged with clear instructions on how to set it up so its personally moulded to how you like it and moulded to your frame.After using for less a week I can feel the difference already - my posture is better which means I dont have a sore back at the end of the day!Would most definitely recommend to anybody who is sat at their desk - or in their car for long periods of time.
star star star star star
A revelation

Having suffered for many years with lower back pain I have tried several seat cushions and supports without any success. I travel on a daily basis for work and finding a solution was very important to me so I was delighted to discover the Morfit Lumbar Support.

It was simple and easy to set up and because it moulds to the curvature of the spine it gave me instant relief, I could feel the difference immediately. I can honestly say it has been a revelation for me and I can highly recommend the Morfit system.

Paul C
star star star star star
I purchased 8 more
Our team spend long hours operating heavy machinery and lumbar support can become an issue. I purchased 2 Morfits to trial and my team were so happy with the results that I purchased 8 more.
Ian Piebenga
star star star star star
Morfit back support absolutely marvellous.
I have severe osteoporosis in my spine and find the Morfit back support absolutely marvellous.
Janice Blamey
star star star star star
It is extremely flexible, adjustable, and useful
I have been using the Morfit Back Support for six months now and have found it invaluable.It is so light and easy to move around I have also found it very useful for concerts where the seats are often uncomfortable. It is an extremely flexible, adjustable, and useful piece of kit which I would recommend to anyone else who suffers from back problems.
Cathie Jennifer
star star star star star
Amazing! Such a relief

We took delivery of our new camper van recently and the journey back home from the dealer (about 50 miles) was not at all comfortable for my back. That certainly worried me.

However, we have fitted the wonderful Morfit and I can now arrive at campsites with a smile on my face. Amazing! Such a relief. Thank you, thank you, Morfit!!

Carol Cuthbert
star star star star star
Worth every penny!

Ive been using this for nearly a year now and i dont regret it.

Honestly one of the best back supports Ive ever spent my money on. Its helped with my lower back issues a lot and the customer service is the best!

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Morfit Original Adjustable Lumbar Support

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Based on 78 reviews
not very helpful tho

i tried it and it doesnt have much difference. dont think its helpful

June Hooper
Very good

Help with sitting in car for a couple of hours to go shopping . 🛒 If


Fast delivery and product as described thank you

Great Comfort

Have scoliosis and 5 degenerated discs in Lower back and the Morfit lumbar support has provided significant support to my back whilst driving on long trips.

Peter Mason. Overdraft

Morfit Original Adjustable Lumbar Support